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What is this and where am I?

Launched as a way to share tips and information with moms about food, time and money, Her Full Plate is a quickly growing resource for women to learn to balance all life throws at them.  

Humor is a must here, as is the ability to tolerate (if not delight) in a foul-mouthed mom regaling tales of shitty parenting experiences. Squeal in pleasure as you learn to not do things I did that sucked, or ways to make stupid things better because I said so.




Who are you and why should I listen to you?

To you, I’m probably just some woman on the internet.

To those who know me, I’m a woman who often sticks her own foot in her mouth and embarrasses herself more often than not with her less than graceful charm. Oh, and I also have a last name that leaves them questioning whether they’ve ever said it the right way. 


Self-deprecating lists of personality faults aside, I’m not so bad.



Portrait of a wild Catie in her element… behind the wheel of her minivan.

I’ve been a mom for almost 12 years now, with three often fantastic children (one is better than the others.  Shhhh!). Because it seems to be virtually impossible to work a full-time job outside of the home that makes enough money for it to make sense, I’ve managed to find ways to bring in income from home over the duration of my parenting career.  eBay seller, freelance writer, part-time digital marker, and virtual personal assistant are just a few of the jobs I’ve done from home (with the kids) that helped bring in more income, and free up more time to spend with my family.  

How Can I Connect with You on Social Media?

I’m glad you asked!  Facebook, for me, is like getting to live in the same neighborhood with your best friends and see them whenever you want.  I love to post and share and read and engage! However,  you’re way less likely to be offended by my political rants on Instagram, so join me over there!